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1942  Born in Tokyo

1961  Graduated from Kudan High School, moved to London

1963  Guildford School of Art

1964  London College of Printing and Graphic Arts

1965  David Montgomery Studio

1966  Established Hiroshi Studio in London

1972  Returned to Tokyo

1977  Exhibition  One Day One Show  TDS Aoyama (Aoyama, Tokyo)

1983  Exhibition  One Week One Show  TDS Axis (Roppongi, Tokyo)

         Exhibition  Hiroshi Yoda Exhibition  TDS Open Gallery (Aoyama Omotesando, Tokyo)

         Exhibition  Photographs by Hiroshi Yoda  TDS Photo Gallery (Ebisu, Tokyo)

1986  Exhibition  Tea for Two  Shiseido  The Ginza Art Space (Ginza, Tokyo)

         Publication of Tea for Two (Pika Pika)

1990  Exhibition  See you later, Alligator!  Gallery Verita (Hiroo, Tokyo)

1991  Exhibition  All That Rubbish  Kyocera Contax Salon (Ginza, Tokyo)

1993  Exhibition  Obsession  Nikon Salon (Ginza, Tokyo)

         Exhibition  Hitomi, my son  TDS Axis (Roppongi, Tokyo)

1994  Publication of Obsession  (Yohbisha)

         Group Exhibition  A Positive View  Saatchi Gallery (London)

1999  Exhibition  A Youth  The Glass House (Kokubunji, Tokyo)

2001  Publication of Hanae Mori Style  (Kodansha International)

         Exhibition  Hanae Mori Photo Exhibition  Fukuoka Camera Museum (Toyama)

         Exhibition  Hanae Mori at Art Tower Mito  Open Gallery (Aoyama Omotesando, Tokyo)

2003  Publication of Sushi (Pie Books)

         Publication of Wagashi (Pie Books)

2008  Exhibition  QUEST  gallery bauhaus (Ochanomizu, Tokyo)

2009  Installation Art  forest/mirror  Ebisu Site (Tokyo)

2010  Exhibition  Something In The Air  Canon Gallery S (Shinagawa, Tokyo)

2011  Publication of Sushi Bilingual edition ( PIE International )

         Publication of Furoshiki ( PIE International )

2012  TOKYO-GA at New York Photo Festival 2012 Brooklyn.NY



1972  The Kodansha Publication Culture Awards for Photography

1983  Tokyo ADC Award Grand Prize

1994  The 62nd Mainichi Advertising Design Award Grand Prize



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