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Something In The Air

Selected photographs 1971-2010

Two Eyes Three Eggs (Hitomi) TGH 2003
Round House (Hitomi) Glasgow 2000
Woman on Car Roof (Britt) Urayasu 1972
View from Terrace, Tate St.Ives 2001
Face in Hand (Isa) 1989
On The Beach (Britt) Hanae Mori, Saipan 1976
Twittering (Britt) 1972
Fox Mask, Wagashi 2003
Eggs with Ring (Ichiriki Aki) 2007
Butterflies: Hanae Mori, Art Tower Mito 2000
Model with Leeks (Otani Masako) 1990
Self-portrait 1976
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