Model wearing a Mossoni outfit shot in the natural light studio The Glass House
Photographed at Central Saint Martins, London. Model wearing a Chanel outfit.

Elle Deco Japan_Chanel at Central Saint Martins_Model: Victoria Sekrier

Isetan Bridal Fashion, Wedding Dress
Isetan_Bridal Fashion
Girl watching a log fire in a snow covered forest in Finland

Hanatsubaki_minä perhonen

Model wearing a black dress with a huge black hat on standing by a statue of a man

Hiroko Koshino

Frog egg dress by Hibino Kozue
Kozue Hibino_Bonaparte
Matthieu Manche_NEOPAN 
Hanae Mori at Art Tower Mito
Byoubugaura, Model with a dark coat with a shadow of a crane
Model wearing Youji Yamamoto outfit holding a bow
Ryuko Tsushin_Yohji Yamamoto_Model: Yvonne
Onward shoot by the Inubozaki lighthouse, walking stick
Onward_Melbus Stop_Model: Britt Magnusson
Britt,Hanae Mori,Saipan,Yukata material
Hanae Mori_Saipan_Model: Britt Magnusson
Model standing among cloth covered trees in Aoyama
Ryuko Tsushin_YSL_Model: Sirkku
Ooi Power Station, Yellow Helmet, Bodysuits,3 chimneys
Shukan Bunshun_Model: Britt Magnusson 
Jan Ward,Ossie Clark, Abandoned car in the field
AnAn Elle Japon_London_Model: Jan Ward
Chloé, A huge American car, Parasol,Fulham
AnAn Elle Japon_London_Model: Britt Magnusson
Harpers & Queen,Kansai in London,Britt,Jillie Murphy,Shibayma Sachiko,Britt,Marie Helvin
Harpers & Queen_Kansai in London_Model: Marie Helvin
2 models, Weraing knit, Tractor

Jun & Ropé_Models: Vicky Lewis & Sam Edelstein

Olive,Bee House,Shinanomachi
Olive fashion