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Hiomi,1999,Closed eyes
Hitomi,1999,Calendar Project,The Glass House
Hitomi with a white tube_1999
Hitomi Project,Glasgow,2000
Hitomi_Round House in Glasgow_2000
Hitomi Project,Falun,Sweden,Big canvas
Hitomi in Falun / Sweden_2001
Hitomi Project,huge lens,The Glass House
Hitomi looking into a lens_Tokyo 2002
Tripod,Hitomi Project,Well worn T-shirt
Hitomi Project,Light fixture
Hitomi Project,Seven Sisters,England
Hitomi at Seven Sisters, England_2005
Hitomi Project, Huge banana,Kokubunji
Hitomi_Resting on a banana_Kokubunji_2006
Hitomi Project,Goldsmiths College,London
Hitomi_Goldsmiths College_2007
2009_B0023P 0021(ChMix).jpg
Hitomi_​Flying loop at New Cross Gate_2008
2010_Hitomi_20090922~1002_London & Manst
Hitomi at Mansion, Dorset_2009
Hitomi Project,Brockley,Vegetable
Hitomi at Brockley_2008
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